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Hydroponic Tower Reset

Is your hydroponic tower ready for a deep clean and reset?

We provide seasonal reset services on hydroponic towers in Los Angeles & Orange County, CA!

Book below for a Cerca Cultivation horticulture expert to provide a Seasonal Reset on your hydroponic tower!

Service is provided within two windows; morning (9am - 1pm) and afternoon (1pm - 5pm). Please select your preferred start time and we will do our best to arrive within the morning or afternoon window.

Service includes:

  • Deep clean of your tower.
  • All of the seedlings*, nutrients and pH adjustment to get you restarted.
  • Any troubleshooting with regards to water, power, pumps, timers and location.

* Includes a FREE selection of our favorite lettuces, leafy greens, veggies and herbs. A Cerca Cultivation dealer's choice of seasonal favorites to get you growing!

If you would like specific seedlings, please visit to learn what seasonal seedlings we have in stock and to place your order. $2.50 per seedling. Seedlings orders must be placed 48 hours in advance of your service. 

** It is not required for you to be home during your appointment. If you will not be home, you will need to provide details on how to access your tower (i.e., enter through back gate, gate code, location of water source & drain, etc.). You can provide these details on the question page you will see after you select your date & time.

We care deeply how we grow our food, how our farmers are treated, how food is consumed and how it's discarded. And we have an immense desire to fairly treat all our stakeholders - our employees, clients, suppliers, partners, investors, community, environment, and plant seedlings.

“Matthew and Kevin are passionate, dedicated and committed to their work. They patiently provided advice and guidance on how to start a veggie garden, offered creative solutions based on my yard’s limitations and are always available to answer questions. They are excellent at what they do and are a pleasure to work with.”


"Cerca has transformed my yard from a food desert to a food oasis. Thank you!"


"The team is so knowledgeable about horticulture. I keep them on speed dial."


"Cerca is always on time, works efficiently and quickly, and leaves our garden looking beautiful."


“We are new customers to Cerca and love the quality of the work performed by your team.”


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